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On Saturday, Carolyn and I had some minor administrative responsibilities to help set the stage for Carole and Atri's wedding in Magnolia Park. Although I imagine that they had ordered a tent in case of rain, it turned out to be useful to provide pre-ceremony shade on the nearly cloudless afternoon.

We stopped by Carole's apartment to catch a glimpse of the stylist doing crazy hair things and picked up various documents that required transit, picked up some beverages and the grocery and headed over to the park to make some executive decisions about tent and chair placement. We also evicted some picnickers and a studious guy to clear the site. This was the beginning of our occasional lapses into self-nominated wedding coordinators, but it was mostly for our own entertainment and to make up for the amazing calmness of everyone involved with the proceedings.

Of course, the ceremony was lovely and went off without a hitch. It was conducted by an internet-ordained reverend. This makes me wonder if the phenomenon is cutting into the mainstream clergy's business. Although the sample size is small, I think that half of the weddings that I've attended have been officiated by non-traditional reverends.

The reception took place at Queen Sheeba, where we continued to indulge our co-ordination impulses by directing people to their tables and to the guest book. It was kind of funny to hear all of the people whose first experience with ethiopian food was at the wedding of an American and an Indian, identifying the levels of "spiciness" by color. One consequence of the choice of cuisine is that no one had forks to tap against glasses to induce kissing.

After the happy couple drove off into the sunset, some of us adjourned to B & O to end the evening with some cocktails. I think that this was my first wedding that didn't involve any travel.


yes, but I didn't attend. The only attendees were the couple, the reverend, and two witnesses. They had a "real wedding" months later in New York conducted by a member of the clergy (I think), but wanted to make it official for insurance purposes.

(so, the majority of the people I know who are married have had the ceremony conducted by internet reverends. rhiannon's will only tip the balance away from the church!)
oh, okay.

I agree that it's nice to have a wedding that you attend which takes place in your current place of residence. Nice to go home at the end of the night.