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Aqueduct has a Jaguar commercial?

Where does this fit in the indie band advertising weirdness spectrum?

  1. Modest Mouse -- minivan
  2. the Shins -- McDonald's
  3. Iron & Wine -- M & M's

update: coincidentally, there's a post/thread about this on stereogum today [#] motivated by the Sir-Mix-A-Lot / Target commercial.


kings of convenience had an at&t mlife commerical. it was actually pretty great.
I remember when I first saw that ad. I thought that I posted about it immediately, but it isn't in my journal. Maybe I just TXTed about it, in the spirit of the commercial.

You're right. That commerical was good. I think it seemed less weird because it was marketing to an audience who already (probably) knew the song. Whereas Aqueduct really doesn't seem like a Jaguar type band. [or maybe they are? I don't really think of them as an anything band]

So, by this standard, the order of weirdness (most to least strange):
the Shins, Aqueduct, Modest Mouse, Iron and Wine, Kings of Convenience

This is probably just a reflection of the quality of the commercial. Objectively, the short-lived McDonald's commercial was well-produced too. But they used the best Shins song ever (a song with the lyrics "the dirt in your fries") to advertise the feeding of french fries to infants. Fries cooked in beef tallow!