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Aqueduct has a Jaguar commercial?

Where does this fit in the indie band advertising weirdness spectrum?

  1. Modest Mouse -- minivan
  2. the Shins -- McDonald's
  3. Iron & Wine -- M & M's

update: coincidentally, there's a post/thread about this on stereogum today [#] motivated by the Sir-Mix-A-Lot / Target commercial.


They don't, and that's what marketing is all about. It's about balding, mid-life-crisis dudes seeing the ad and thinking "wow, if I buy this car, maybe I'll be as hip as the 20-something kids who listen to this music."
But what if their target market is actually the hip 20-something kids with disposable income?
Do you know a 20-something (rich or otherwise) who owns (or would even consider owning) a Jag?
You have a good point.
But these days, 40 is the new 30, that's also something to consider as well as their market in other countries.
totally. and they'll have wireless bluetooth! in their jaguar!