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selling out

I bought a t-shirt online today and noticed that Defunker has an affiliate program in which people get $4 whenever they refer someone to the site to buy a shirt. I was curious to see how it worked; so I signed-up and put an advertisement on the left side of my webpage.

I expect the money to start rolling in any minute now! When it does, I'll be sure to update the site disclaimer.


Do I have to buy a t-shirt to stay on your friendslist?
I'm still working out the policy implications.
oh ok. just let me know.
like the Amazon wishlist, I can at least promise not to find it creepy.
If I use that link to buy you a t-shirt, do your finances enter into some sort of mobius loop?
I don't know -- it's all part of the experiment. I imagine that I would need to report it as income if it generated income.