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Low Res Tufte

preaching to the choir at the Westin.

(after interimlover)

The course included copies of Tufte's books, which means that I now have an extra copy of The Visual Display of Quantitative Information [#] in like-new condition (opened to follow along with the lecture). It sells for $40, if anyone's interested in buying I'd sell it for less.



nice. i wonder if he's saying anything different from yesterday.
I sort of doubt it. Given that he takes his show on the road, I have a feeling that it's a fairly standard outline.
highlights for you? (aside from picking up your books) :)
I hadn't heard about "sparklines", so that was cool. Much of the rest of the talk was more re-inforcement of things I already sort of knew about or believed. Still, hearing him present the ideas was worthwhile.

The book pickup was a high point. I like to think of it as a free talk included with the purchase of $160 of books.