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the only earth?

another non-post

I think I'm just way too overwhelmed by the discontinuation of the Global War on Terror [nyt] to make up a post about how I have a lot of things to do related to work and how even Seattle feels way too hot even though I actually bought a fan to promote better heat exchange in my apartment.

If only the change in terminology meant that our far-right wing government had actually decided to struggle with its own extremism. It seems like the sort of thing that could be addressed by a Very Special Oprah, perhaps with the help of Dr. Phil?

Instead, it seems like we're letting the terrorists off the hook to go after the skateboarders and extreme walkers.


Oh, I misread it. The struggle is against only the violent extremists.


God what a crock of shit.
These people have nothing better to do than argue about linguistics ? !
unfortunately, it seems to be the only type of progress they know how to make.
I like the global struggle against violent extremists. I feel much more personally involved now.

Don't let the heat get you down Josh. If you do, the terrorists/violent extremists will have won.
I don't know. I feel like maybe the extremists need a break what with the war on them going so well. The least I can do is let them take a point or two on account of my climatological intolerance.