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Yesterday, I went to the park and finished reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Although I hate to admit it, this left me feeling in need of a bit of a sulk. (white) Really, I guess that the part that I found the metaphorical death of Hogwart's as an escape much more sad than the part about Dumbledore being killed. I sort of expected the Dumbledore bit, but I didn't really think about the other part. I also wonder about its effect on how it will feel to re-read the earlier books, knowing what's in store for the beloved character and institution. I wonder if Rowling has anything like a happy ending in mind for the series.

So I guess that it was lucky that I happened to notice that Harry and the Potters were playing at the University Bookstore this afternoon. It was a great excuse to go to the U-district; and I'm glad that I took it. The band is so completly great. Kind of like Weezer if all of their songs were about the trials and tribulations of Harry Potter instead of Rivers's latest emotional crisis. Yeah, I know! Wizard rock! awesome.

The bookstore was packed with fans. Including a girl with a furry hat with a lion on top. Kids who knew all of the words and swarmed the brothers at the end to get their signatures on CDs or T-shirts. The merch table was mobbed; even I bought a "Save Ginny!" T-shirt. Because how could I not?
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