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hello the internet

um, if someone had an extra ticket to Sufjan Stevens I could probably find someone who wants to go.

Such as me.


: (

i had one and then my mom came to town for the weekend so i can't go.

and i already gave mine away.

well, it is completely my own fault. i'm assuming that the show is sold out because people on craigslist are offering lots of money for tickets. yet, going without a group might have been really lame since it's at the triple door.
not exactly a show but npr has a song only available on their site he wrote on the lord god bird
neat -- thanks!
You briefly crossed my mind today as I was buying Nada Surf tickets (they're playing at Neumo's)
thinking about how I will forget to get tickets until it's too late?

I guess that since I saw them in Paris, I might not mind missing them here.
if you want to go tomorrow night, they do offer standing-room only tix.
thanks! that's good to know. Do they just sell them at the door, or in advance?


i know it's at the door, but unsure about the rest of the details (when you have to show up, when they let you in, etc...). best to call them & find out.
I called and the reservations woman said that they were *completely* sold out. which explains why people are posting $1000 WTB ads on craigslist.
i'm not sure i know any artist who's worth that much money. if i'd seen one of those ads in advance, i'd have considered selling my ticket.
I don't know how serious the offers were, but there were several desperate WTB posters willing to pay!