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the week part of this week

On Monday I spent some time at the office, had a techfee meeting, went for a swim, and made an attempt at the pub quiz. For the first two rounds we were in the lead, but when it got to the part where we had to identify celebrities from distorted pictures we were completely crushed by the opposition.

Since it is now officially summer, I stopped at the Mix for a drippy ice cream cone on my way to the bus stop. It was good, but really really messy.


Today, after work I met Carolyn at the movie theater and we saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I liked some parts -- everything up to the factory and the squirrels -- but I'm not sure if I liked the whole thing. My biggest immediate complaint is that most of the Oompa Loompa songs were unnecessarily hard to understand. But maybe I'll think about it and conveniently forget about the flat parts in the middle and the indifference to the horrible fates of the children and like the memory of the movie better than the experience of watching it. This happened to Stephanie Zacharek [salon] and she's usually always right.

After the movie, I'd hoped to see Mount Eerie. Unfortunately, they (/he) wasn't the headliner; so I missed the set. But the bouncer let me go inside to buy the new CD (No Flashlight) before I left. The packaging is incredible -- it includes a CD and a record. The liner notes, unfolded, take up about half of the dining room portion of my apartment. I'm listening to the CD now and it's pretty great, too.
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I just wanted to let you know that I've added you.
cool -- thanks!
I had the same problem with the songs.
I thought they should have added some sort of 70's subtitles . That would have totally worked with the esthetics.

I feel i need to see it again because i've changed my mind like 20 times about how i feel about it !
Have either of you read the book? Most (?) of the songs were from the book, at least the beginning of them, so go there for song lyric info.

I have read the book, although I don't remember the lyrics from elementary school. I just thought that it was ridiculous that the songs were so unintelligible in the film, especially since they are used to drive the plot.
I totally get your point. I read the book every year to my kids, so I probably know them by heart;)