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chair, apartment

various weekendery

I used some of my weekend time to make my apartment less messy and less dirty, which was fairly necessary given that I hadn't been home for most of the past month and things had rather gotten out of sorts with all of those unopened pieces of mail and unread copies of magazines like the Week, which I had subscribed to out of pity with frequent flyer miles that I never expected to be able to otherwise redeem. Not to mention the other general clutter associated with a reluctance to fully unpack and put things in their places after travels.

Some of the other time was dedicated to going to Vain to get a haircut. Even though I'd grown sort of used to having quite a bit of hair, my stylist thought that it wasn't the best idea for the summer. Something about the humidity, and since I was open to professional guidance she cut quite a bit of it off. When she was finished, one of the other stylists asked if she could take pictures of my head so that the style could make its way to Japan. Although I'm not convinced that this wasn't a bit of trickery to make me feel better about the whole matter, who doesn't want to be big in Japan, right?

Later, it was time to go to Carolyn's Bring Your Own Chair party (themed to accommodate her recent status as someone without a roommate, the roommate in question being the owner of much of the furniture, etc.). On the bus over, some people were having idiotic conversations about Prince Harry and how wasn't it sad that the swastika had taken on a sinister meaning.

Nevertheless, some people actually did bring their own chairs. I brought only beer. In the long run, this was more useful since people usually just stand around at parties drinking; so who needs a camping chair anyway? In fact, Jeff kept running off to the grocery to buy bottles of champagne because he and Betsy were very enthusiastic about being happy bubbly drunks. Instead of unhappy beer drunks, I guess.

The other major activity of the party was busting up a piñata that was shaped like a purse. Carolyn made it herself for a theme unrelated to BYOC, namely Vicky's birthday. We stood out in the backyard while the purse was dangled from the balcony and people took turns swinging at it with a plastic bat. After many people unsuccessfully tried to free the contents, it came to be my turn and I just skipped the blindfold part and broke the thing open. No one seemed to notice or care, maybe because there's a limit to how long adults will stand in the dark waiting for the piñata part of the evening to be over. Or possibly because they were excited about all of the contents. Or just that no one really notices when you're blatantly breaking the rules.

Anyway, Carolyn had filled the paper mache creation with lots of fantastic prizes like sparkly rings (some with lip balm!), men on parachutes, monster finger puppets, candy, and glow in the dark frogs. These frogs came to be a point of contention later when Jeff made many efforts to steal the one that I'd recovered from the lawn.


On Sunday I probably did more stuff around the house, like laundry and watching a bunch of HBO shows that I'd missed. Also going to stores and buying items and getting an iced espresso beverage and working on writing a paper.


my roommate and i moved out of a well-furnished house last december and we're still pretty lacking in furniture. we joked about having a BYOC party, but never actually went through with it.

but if we'd known people actually would bring chairs, we'd have done it.
no one left their chair at the party. all were of the folding/camping style.
well yeah, that's what we were thinking too.

we just didn't think people would even make that effort.
The plastic bat was the problem. At the end of the year last year the parents set up a pinata. We'd already done a few during our unit on Mexico - at which time we had a real Mexican pinata bat. Anyway, the plastic bat didn't work at all, even with no blindfolds. I think we finally made the dads start beating it or something. I dunno, the parents were in charge so I wasn't really paying attention.
yeah. that's the main reason that I cheated, because no amount of timid blindfolded use of a plastic bat was going to break the pinata anyway. if that didn't work, I was planning to make use of a nearby rake.