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diversity, what?

When Bush introduced John Roberts [nyt] as having a "good heart" did that mean that we can expect the fifty-year-old judge to stay on the court for several decades? After all, he's fairly young and he was a high school football quarterback, which, along with midwestern steel worker parentage is a pretty important life history for an Associate Justice to have.

aside: is anyone else entertained by the ever-changing New York Times headline for this story?


Ever wonder who else Bush has said has a good heart? A quick google reveals:

George W Bush
The American people
Vladimir Putin
George W Bush
The people in America who reach out
Bill Clinton
George HW Bush
People who adopt children
George W Bush
Doris Marianne von Kappelhoff of Evanston, Ohio (not kidding)
a teacher who does a lousy job

Heart, without the "good":

John Ashcroft
Gayle Norton
Linda Chavez (alignment not given, but he states that her heart is "big")
I'm not sure how to interpret that list. Cheney's not on it; so "good heart" might actually be interpreted as honest, from a health perspective. Then again, Clinton is on it and he had the old heart surgery. And America is on the list too, and their cholesterol is through the roof.