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i am not a stuffed tiger.

ah, book leave

Did everyone already know that Sarah Vowell has been writing Op-Ed columns for the New York Times while Maureen Dowd is on "book leave"?

  • 6 July, "A Pat on the Back" [#]
  • 9 July, "Our Faith-Based Train Rides" [#]
  • 13 July, "The Speech the President Should Give" [#]
  • 16 July, "Moses' Top Ten" [#]
  • Comments

    Wow. I didn't know.
    So, thanks !
    She's the greatest. Way better than the Matthew Miller guy they had writing in Maureen's place at first...
    have you read any of her books? I just finished Assassination Vacation, I love how much she loves history.
    Sarah Vowell has the most peculiar voice..
    yeah. that's what makes her public radio superstardom even more amazing.