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I'm not sure if anyone noticed this on account of Independence Day vacations and all of the terror, but the University of Washington entered into an agreement with Dell and "Napster" to bring highly DRM-ed music to students living in residence halls and using computers running Windows and portable music players that aren't iPods:
"In this era of pervasive broadband networks and extraordinary new personal devices, it is important for universities to establish mechanisms that provide our students with high quality, legal access to the growing body of content available in digital repositories worldwide," said Dr. Mark Emmert, UW president. "This relationship with Dell and Napster will provide us with a state-of-the-art approach to downloading music." [y!]
The comments in the UW community [lj] seems generally negative. I can't decide whether this would seem less icky if the new Napster had a different name or if the whole thing didn't seem like a plot to sell more Dell products.

Testimony of Shawn Fanning Before the Senate Judiciary Committee []
Gizmodo on Napster's SuperBowl math [#]

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