josh (joshc) wrote,

staple guns

After talking on the phone with my parents for almost two hours I think I have a better understanding of why I tend toward being quiet. That is, they do most of the talking. I guess I just have more filters on topics of conversation. I guess that is a little strange to have that sentence in a journal that is mostly my random thoughts and observations.

Every once in a while I try to slip in random passive-aggressive things like telling my mom that I believe people's level of happiness is genetically determined. I feel like I'm pretty neutral -- not overly sad or happy. Of course she takes this as thinking that her son has never been happy. It's like that stupid chalkboard line in Donnie Darko where Patrick Swayze's character categorizes everything as being either love or fear. Few things are two dimensional.

Oh well. Off to do some homework. I could take classes forever, but the homework thing is getting old.

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