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chair, apartment

the up to date post

hi there.

I'm back from Ludington and the imaginary cold is still with me. It's nice that I was able to take it for a little vacation before the insurgency enters its last throes. The other fun part about the neverending illness is that it brought me to the health center before leaving town. Which alerted them to the fact that I was still alive and allowed them to send me a bill for an influenza immunization that I had two years ago.

Today I just spent most of the day at the office trying to get re-caught-up on things like e-mail and neglected projects and all of your livejournals, etc. Then I went to the grocery store and bought a gigantic box of blueberries because it seemed like such a great deal that I couldn't resist it.


blueberries are now apparently now the 'IT' anti-oxidant rich berry of the week! i wish i had saved the article on the wonderful health benefits of blueberries.
I can sense all of my oxidants cowering in fear!
Josh - what are you sick with? Are you getting better?
I don't know. Just a stupid cold that won't go away. I think it's getting better since I'm just coughing all the time instead of actually feeling sick.

I only went to the doctor because my eyes were itchy and the pharmacist told me that if I wanted any decent eye drops I'd need a prescription. Alas, the doctor wouldn't shell out any meds. (My eyes were kind of pink; so I wanted to make sure that I didn't need anything serious to keep me from infecting other people.)