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the tuesday paper

also: I think that the front page of Liberation might need to be turned into a userpic at some point in the near future. I think that the story is about a mayor being slandered on the someone's weblog?


Says something like
To the blog citizens!

The person in charge of a personal journal on the Internet continues to slander the Puteaux town hall. A first worry.
I think "first worry" means like "great, something new to worry about". Either that or I'm not translating it right.
Yah, it's a big deal in France right now. I blogged about it a while ago. I love that cover too !
And actually the guy's blog is pretty great. He wasn't really slandering as much as saying what living in his town is like. There is this whole thing now of people wondering ( and him too !) what is blog is so threatening to the Mairie.
It's really messed up.
what's the URL for his blog? (not that I could read it, assuming it's written in French) I didn't even try to read the article. It was all that I could do to decypher the music listings!
he is documenting his trial...
the blog hasn't been shut yet.. i bet i'ts a matter of time...
You could always do a google page translation which will be terrible but will give you the jist of it.
If you're interested in a French perspective on the US, this blog is pretty cool :

Ok. Done overwhelming you with the intraweb.