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house style

the joshc/sciencevsromance house style guide

rules for hyperlinks
  • use the text as a link when the text and the URL are almost the same. For instance, a link to the livejournal home page wouldn't even require brackets.
  • use the (abbreviated) site name in brackets when linking to an internal page (see j.s.s., above). For example, "look at joe's stinky socks [lj]".
  • use [#] when the site being linked to is obvious from the surrounding text. For instance, "On his livejournal, joe wrote about the problem of stinky socks [#]"

    text formatting
  • use italics for major works (the title of a book or film, the name of a magazine or television show)
  • use quotation marks for minor works (the title of an article, story, episode)
  • enclose extended quotes in blockquote. Also use a samp tag or add a left border if not otherwise specified by style sheet. Cite as above.

    word choice
  • weblog (short for web log), if necessary 'blog or 'blogger (but not blog, which is really ugly)
  • Capitol Hill (seattle neighborhood)
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