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location report

I'm back in Seattle now, catching up with the internets and e-mail and trying to make my feet less sore and pretending that I didn't catch a cold on the ten-hour flight. I have a bunch of pictures (although I limited myself to one modest SD card) that I will look at / flickrize tomorrow when I feel like not doing work.

I have some notes from my trip in a little notebook that might turn into posts later, but maybe that will be a good way to kill time on the plane to Michigan this weekend. I mean, this is already very asynchronous anyway; so what's a few more days?


have you taken hostels.com up on their "penny for your thoughts" request about Ye Olde Marylebone?

for what it's worth, the privacy levels in the other hostels was lower, but the beds were more comfortable!
I haven't yet, but I'm definitely going to. I started to a couple of times, but was having a hard time expressing exactly why I think no one should stay there ever. I mean it wasn't really so awful, but then again it sort of was. And like I didn't even know how to rate things...like the security was excellent I guess if you look at it one way, but horrible if you looked at it another. Stupid Marylebone. Have you filled it out yet?

I think I would have happily taken a more comfort for less privacy trade. That bed was just such a nightmare.