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On a jet plane

I spent all of last week watching movies and panicking about my trip.

I'll be in London tomorrow morning -- request for postcards or advice

for sightseeing appreciated.


Oo definitely check out muji, though I can send you muji items too, but they probably have a whole store and not just some bins at the MoMA store. Go to the Tate, I've never been but Cori loves it and you know she's got good taste. I disagree with Joe on EasyEverything, they are ubiquitous but they're also gross, and if you do go there be v. careful of having your stuff stolen.

In Paris eat wonderful food and walk forever.

In general, don't "travel" too hard and enjoy a vacation in addition to traveling. Also, even though I share your dislike/fear of strangers, try to talk to natives, or at least listen in while your friends do. Try to spend time with people who live where you're going, it's the greatest way to see a place.

Have fun! Send me postcards!

(notice the "s")