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On a jet plane

I spent all of last week watching movies and panicking about my trip.

I'll be in London tomorrow morning -- request for postcards or advice

for sightseeing appreciated.


a lesson from my in flight reading

Don't sit on an ungeounded guardrail situated near a live power line on a windy evening.

what were you reading?

And some advice in return:

Don't waste your time in internet cafes (the internets will still be here when you get back), but if you need to go to one, use Easy Internet, it's the most post-human business I've seen.

I second the recommendation of the Tate Modern, too.

Re: what were you reading?

I was reading the Ice Storm (by Rick Moody).

Also -- I managed not to look at the internets even once in two weeks (except for one failed attempt to activate my t-mobile phone's international roaming from an internet pay phone), though I now sort of wish that I'd taken a look at the post-human Easy Internet setup. Maybe next time...

Re: what were you reading?

I think you made the right choice, I spent way too much time on the internets during my trip.