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because everyone loves footnotes

tonight: went with Elena and Carole all the way to bellevue for Mediterranean food. the place had good food but strange policies. one policy: no reservations for parties of three. even though we called ahead and made a reservation for three. apparently parties of three must sit at tables for two when tables for four are available.

more fun: when the salad dressing is on the table, the waiter is responsible for pouring it on the salads. they serve only a limited number of a certain dish per evening1 and this finite number was one serving away from its limit by seven o' clock. despite the weirdness of both the restaurant and bellevue, the food was very good. I was overstuffed with top-notch falafel.

still, we managed to eat ice cream2 at Wally’s before going home to watch a movie. this movie, the city of lost children was a nice continuation of our evening of strangeness. it is a French movie. if that doesn't capture the weirdness, some highlights: street children, insane scientists, clones, dream-machines, psychotic Santa, circus people, clones, cyclops assassins, trained fleas, practically (but not physically) conjoined twins, explosions.

thought about checking out aveo's late show, but I’m drained from these adventures.

(1) lamb shank couscous. Carole had to settle for some other dead cooked up animal.
(2) flavor: green tea (!)

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