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chair, apartment

catching up

the last few days included lots of trying to make progress on things at "work" so that I won't be decades behind when I get back from next week's eurotrip. In addition to lots of organizing and asking the computer to analyze things, some other things happened:
  • pub quiz, per usual decent high but not winning scores
  • 5 x 2 at SIFF. The first row balcony seats are really the absolutely best place to watch subtitled films. The movie was good, too. Although it was pretty much an endorsement of staying single forever. It's described as a declining relationship in reverse, which makes you think that the couple had at least one happy moment, but not so much.
  • after the movie, we went to Thaiger Room. They were out of tofu. I had no idea that this was even possible at a Thai place.
  • Going to the library, getting a library card, looking at travel guides, trying not to panic about lack of organization.
    In the next four days, I have at least six (to eight) more movies to see at SIFF. Then I flee the country for a couple weeks.
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    I immediately head for that first row on the balcony for all subtitled films at the Neptune. But when I showed up for "3-iron" and went up there some lackey came and told me the balcony was closed unless the floor filled up. I almost tossed him over the railing.
    Oh how i'd like to flee. *sigh*