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the weekend (parties and picnics)

On Saturday I ended up in a Crown Hill backyard with a large bowl of fruit salad -- or at least a a bowl of several fruits cut up and mixed together, since I'm not sure if a salad requires some sort of dressing to be officially a salad and not a melange. I was there for my department's annual spring party, which I tend to attend on a non-annual basis. The bowl of fruit was my attempt at bringing something to the potluck that minimized the possibility of a cooking disaster.

I arrived at the party just in time for the big interactive game in which epidemiology-related questions and topics are substituted for the regular array of Cranium categories. Wven though I'm not at all a fan of Cranium, I played the game and didn't think about how the neighbors probably thought that we were crazy gathered around a giant whiteboard yelling jargony words and insider names until much later.

Carolyn and I retreated from the party early to attend a SIFF screening and gala. Although we were expecting to see Bombon, el Perro, that film didn't make it through customs in time. Instead, we watched Avellaneda's Moon [#] which was good, but was not about a down-on-his-luck Argentinean on the road with a large white dog.

The post-film party was at Consolidated Works, which I had never visited. It's located in the weird nothing zone of Seattle where there are still railroad tracks crossing some of the streets. I imagine that one might call it South South Lake Union? Anyway, the event was fun. The band included a flautist and accordion player, one of whom was wearing a shirt that matched the lighting. We drank from the decorations and ended up talking to people that we didn't know, including the director of the festival who now sort of pretends to think that she should remember my name. At the bar, a different person that I don't know introduced me to her friend (that I don't know) as her long lost love child with Jim Morrison. Ah, the open bar.


Sunday was a picnic in the park to generally celebrate two people's birthdays and one person's graduation. It was one of those days where the temperature fluctuated wildly depending on one's position in the shade or sun or on the whims of the gusting wind. That is, one of the reasons that people in Seattle learn to become expert layerers.

We played lots of games including Blokus, soccer, Throw Several Frisbees at Each Other, Get the Frisbee Out of the Tree with a Soccer Ball, Try to Get the Stunt Kite in the Air, Watch Kids Playing with Nerf Rocket Launchers, and other classics. By the end of the affair, we'd all eaten our weight in desserts and the weather had calmed to an ideal climate for UV absorption.

Later, I met up with Carolyn and some other SIFF-goers to see Kings and Queen, a really long movie about crazy French people. I can't decide if I liked it -- the acting was good and the story was interesting, but sort of insane and with possibly too many non sequitur plot threads -- so maybe I did. However, many people, including two from our party, walked-out mid-film more out of exhaustion than any particular offensiveness.

Although the array of options at SureShot was mind-boggling, I was glad to have stopped for mochas before the movie.

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