josh (joshc) wrote,

the rest of the week (w-f)

I've mostly been working this week. Also, seeing SIFF movies (Wednesday was the Hunter, Thursday was Mysterious Skin) and going to the department happy hour at a sort-of new place in Wallingford called May (did you know there are over 400 thai restaurants in Seattle? that didn't stop them from opening a new one!).

After the happy hour(s), some of us went to an art event at CoCA, which isn't in Capitol Hill anymore. There were supposed to be performances, but by the time we arrived most of the action was over; so we kind of walked around and looked at the physical pieces of art, which included something like a logistic/bifurcation fractal made out of cotton swabs above a lot of white sand, a big thing like a spider web with more right angles, and paintings on tracing paper suspended from a large kite string scaffolding. Anyway, it was free and we were late.

After all of that excitement, we really couldn't think of anything better to do except for standing outside looking at the Hostess Factory and trying to think of better things to do. But the appeal of this activity grew thin after a while, partially because of the cooling temperatures, and it turned out to be a relatively early night.

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