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memorial (1) : friday

I panicked when I woke up and realized that there was an extra weekend day between Friday and my mom's birthday; so I spent the morning downtown buying and mailing. This saved me only a few dollars over an online purchase with expedited shipping, but was somehow more satisfying. I don't understand why people dread the post office. I usually feel so accomplished whenever I go and successfully send something. Particularly when I can send it flat rate priority. This, I guess, is a side effect of having never visited a post office as a child and not having to go there very often now?

After work, I hung out at home to make my apartment less messy before Ellen and Juno arrived. Due to Amtrak being really unreliable, Juno's trip from Portland was severely delayed. Ellen was modestly delayed by baggage handling procedures [?]; when she arrived we went to Septieme to have scotch and salads. Or at least that was my combination. It was intensely hot; we did our best to simultaneously sit in front of the the doors, but not in the doorway.

I think that maybe we didn't do a good enough job satisfying the waiter's impossible request since he didn't seem especially happy with us.

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