josh (joshc) wrote,

memorial (3) : sunday

As much fun as it would've been to hang out all day at the Gorge camping facilities, we decided to instead get an early start. This allowed us plenty of time to stop at the Palace Cafe (est. 1892) in Ellensburg for breakfast. It was really old-timey, with named rooms, and promises of the best Eggs Benedict, guaranteed. On the way in, we found an unopened copy of the Sasquatch Hunter DVD in the street. By the time we left, the restaurant was filling with other concert attendees, who seemed to agree that the Arcade Fire was the definite highlight.

Back at the apartment, we had a little time to take much-needed showers, as well as a trip to the grocery store before heading to Joe's for a pre-Memorial Day BBQ. We arrived late/early and hung out and watched the twins doing cute two-year-old things. The afternoon progressed nicely with food, drinks, and the arrival of a fantastically-refurbished bus [lj]

When we could no longer maintain consciousness, we returned to my place for naps in preparation for a visit to the War Room for their deck opening party and to meet up with Cori, Doug, Kenny, and Joey. This was the first time that I'd been in the War Room space since last year's SIFF party with Mandy Moore; and the club looks really great. The Sunday night Memorial Day crowd was a little weird, but it was definitely cool to be able to hang out on a roof deck at the end of a really nice weekend.

Eventually, we were consumed with hunger and made a visit to Majaraja for really spicy Indian food and really cheap well drinks.

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