josh (joshc) wrote,

entertainment overload (3): for the kids

We were supposed to see 2046 on Friday night, but when a friend called to offer seats at one of the V.I.P. tables at the Team Tinkle benefit for the Vera Project and the Service Board, I couldn't resist.

So, after making an appearance at the school picnic, Carolyn and I went to the Showbox to see David Cross, Jon Benjamin, Todd Barry, and friends for some comedy. In reality, "Team Tinkle" functioned more as funny emcees between other comedians and occasionally "destroying" members of the audience. Such as the super-enthusiastic fan wearing a Motley Crue t-shirt and sitting at the closest possible table. For one bit, they took a camera into the V.I.P. section and interviewed the people. Almost no one seemed to have paid for their tickets. Including (possibly) Joe from the Charming Snakes.

Also, the Thermals played for two great and energetic short sets and the guys from Fankick! danced between acts and engaged in some serious man-on-man onstage action.1

(1) I can't wait to see how what that sentence does for the old page rank.
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