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i am not a stuffed tiger.

entertainment overload (2): return of the siff

Thursday was opening night of the Seattle International Film Festival, and Carolyn and I went to see Me You and Everyone We Know [#] at the Paramount. Having only been there for shows, I don't think I noticed just how pretty it is inside. Something about the additional light, vaguely fancy people, and non-smokiness definitely contributed. Also, there was a large truck sitting inside.

As I mentioned elsewhere [joshc_media], I really liked the movie. That it would be better than last year's opening night selection (The Notebook) was obvious; so comparing it would be sort of insulting. Anyway, it was really charming and quirky and you should see it when it opens in selected markets in less than a month. And apparently, the people at Cannes agree -- the movie won the Camera D'Or, causing Miranda July to flee Seattle to claim her prize.

The gala was held at the old temporary library space, which was really big. They did a good job of transforming a giant empty space into something partylike. As with most things SIFF, there were huge lines for the food and drinks, but it was still fun. For entertainment, the Radio Nationals and the Posies played and there were videos playing on available surfaces.

No real celebrity sightings, though. A few writers from the Stranger at the party and a possible glimpse of Phil Elverum at the movie.


No Peter Saarsgard ?
that's the Saturday post!
Hm. I missed that one ? !!
I see no saturday post... :(

more asynchronous every day.

Tha's because it doesn't exist yet. I'm still catching up.

Re: more asynchronous every day.

Ah. Makes sense. It's funny because I still have to update my Star Wars viewing which was on Friday and I've updated the other days. You did the opposite.