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Imagine that this wasn't in sidekickvision -- from a cinerama driveby.
Note the light saber battle in the parking lot.


I'm sort of jealous of all those people who went to Star Wars at midnight since I decided I wasn't quite nerdy enough to go. But I am glad that by not going I was able to miss out on light saber battles and costumes. It just seems like too much.

What is the Waiting In Line For Star Wars Guy going to do now that the wait is over? His life must have no meaning anymore...
he claims that now he will get a life -->

Ok. So. You're waiting in line for 5 months on a couch in front of a theater. You claim you're working from the couch, so I suppose that takes up a lot of your time. But other than that you really have nothing to do, so you update your blog about waiting in line. How is it that you don't have the time/ability to maybe spell-check your entries before you post them???

That website made me sort of sad. And I think he definitely will not be getting a life anytime soon, despite his claims otherwise. It just seems impossible.