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New banners on Broadway, apparently intended to induce neighborhood self-esteem. [Ed: and by self esteem do you mean pride? -- isn't that way too obvious?]

p.s. the others are: community, dining, diversity, and entertainment


..that reminds me of the horrid 'West Edge' banners in Belltown/Downtown.
they look really cheap, too! I thought it was especially funny that the shopping one was right next to a Rite Aid.
haha where is the 'Panhandler' banner next to Dick's? Or 'El Borracho' near the funeral home bus stop where the drunks always hang out?

Shopping at Rite Aid!
another funny part is that the "entertainment" banner is right in front of the Bank of America[?] across the street.

I guess that sometimes Streetbeat danced there . . .
oh, it's that ghetto US Bank that always look like its on the verge of closing!

..i saw the banner this morning while waiting for the bus and they look so cheesy. what is with that little logo beneath the rainbows?
I think it's related to the brass dance step diagrams embedded in the sidewalks.
I totally just made a reference to the West Edge banners in his Flickr post about these banners.