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weekend update

The Shins show on Friday was completely excellent. They really know how to put on good show -- their songs are all slightly different live (which is sort of rare for an indie band) and they know just what to say to make the audience feel that they're feeling the love. They tell us things like "this is our biggest show on the tour" and have us do the wave and hold up our cell phones for the slow songs. Not to mention that the opening act was the Brunettes, who were a super cute band from New Zealand who brought a present for the best dancer in the audience. On top of that, the drummer kept throwing "lollies" into the crowd, and for one song they all put on Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen (child years) masks.


On Sunday, I went to the office to edit my exam and send it off to my committee. Next Monday I'll have the oral part of the exam to see how I did.

After that, I met Carolyn at Pacific Place and we spent a couple of hours trying to make a SIFF schedule. Against my financial interests, I bought a pass to the galas and tickets to five other movies. There are approximately five more that I need to buy, but I couldn't justify spending any more money on movies that day and I need to decide which films will be in my next theoretical 5-pack. Once we'd settled on an agenda, paid for our tickets, had our passes made we went to Dragonfish for a celebratory beverage.Then, I went home and was lazy for the rest of the weekend.

On Sunday, I did make it out of the house to pick up groceries and visit the Wine and Cheese Festival at the Public Market. Even though the vendors were arranged in a line, one of the volunteers told us that it was not necessary to treat the procession of cheeses as a buffet. Yet when we tried a freestyle approach to following the line, people became unhappy and we learned that there is no actual etiquitte of the cheese festival line even though they pretend that there is.

Anyway, you might think that it is impossible to have too much free tasty cheese. But, you might be wrong. Most of it was really good, but the lessons of the Great Brain Robbery translate to real life: you can only carry so much cheese. So, after a bit, cheese brained zombies need to visit the wine tent. And go home and take a nap.

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