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1000X better than an I SAW U

nominations for recording secretary and Sergeant at Arms are due next month (via the I Saw U's, obvs.)

from the "general comments" on the table of contents from this week's issue of the Stranger:
On a personal note, I would like to send a special commendation to Seattle resident Josh Bis, the self-appointed "Vice President of the A. Birch Steen Unofficial Fan Club," a phantom organization housed on his "blog" (http://joshc.livejournal.com). God willing, Bis' [sic] club will one day grow to the proportions it (and I) deserves. My hopes for Mr. Bis are motivated by the commitment to excellence I made when Tim Keck asked me to ride herd on his dirty-bongwater-guzzling editorial staff. This modicum of recognition tells me that the work I do isn't entirely in vain. Thank you, Mr. Bis.

see also: steenlove


this is really hard to see--is this in the stranger? you need to transcribe.
click the photo, the notes are in flickr.
i'm not dumb--these weren't there when i first looked at flick. flickr is slow sometimes. my friend allegest that it does not work for her. i suspect she is just dumb.

this was in a. birch steen's column this week? it does not seem to be available online.
Sorry. I just posted it. Developing ...
I don't know if the column is ever online (it's the table of contents now).
(also: I will take a picture that isn't in sidekickvision when I get home.)
wow how awesome!
I know! I was so surprised when I read it.
whoa, your local indie cred points just shot through the roof!! i think you're approaching the Ben Exworthy strata.
... and I didn't even need to shell out $35,000 $12,000!
That's more like it. Please don't insult our local dot.com quintillionaires.
Awesome! Y'know you're legit when you open up the table of contents of the local alternative, and you're the topic of interest.

Do you know this guy?
No, I don't know him. I'm guessing that "A. Birch Steen"'s grandnephew was Googling the ombudsman's name and found a reference to my love for the critical overview section.