josh (joshc) wrote,

1000X better than an I SAW U

nominations for recording secretary and Sergeant at Arms are due next month (via the I Saw U's, obvs.)

from the "general comments" on the table of contents from this week's issue of the Stranger:
On a personal note, I would like to send a special commendation to Seattle resident Josh Bis, the self-appointed "Vice President of the A. Birch Steen Unofficial Fan Club," a phantom organization housed on his "blog" ( God willing, Bis' [sic] club will one day grow to the proportions it (and I) deserves. My hopes for Mr. Bis are motivated by the commitment to excellence I made when Tim Keck asked me to ride herd on his dirty-bongwater-guzzling editorial staff. This modicum of recognition tells me that the work I do isn't entirely in vain. Thank you, Mr. Bis.

see also: steenlove
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