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Don't Panic

Don't Panic

For more than a few minutes it seemed like all of the data on my iPod
might have been lost to the ages.


My iPod is doing the exact same thing right now and it's FREAKING ME OUT.

It's an iPod conspiracy I think.
it took forever (20+ min) to finish the magnifying glass routine, but once the progress bar filled and a little check mark appeared all of the data seemed to be intact. I'd been working from files on my iPod to make doing work and home easier; so I was particularly freaked out that everything that I'd written in the past two days was gone.

I hope your story turns out to have a happy ending, too.
After approximately 35 minutes my iPod decided to stop being a jerk and come back to normal life. It was running a very high fever, but once I unplugged it, things turned out fine. And I knew they would, but it's still scary. Even so, losing all my music wouldn't have been nearly as scary as losing all the work you've done for days!