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i am not a stuffed tiger.


On the appropriate response to a film version of a low-key humorous science fiction novel:
. . . longtime fans of the "Hitchhiker's" book and radio series on which the movie is based -- will be mulling a different dilemma. Seeing the movie on opening night is a no-brainer for devotees, who have devoured every version of the series for more than 25 years. The real question is: Should you bring a towel? [salon]
I'm actually a little disappointed that I (probably) won't be seeing it right away. I'll be out of town all weekend and after that I'm starting my general exam which might not allow lots of time for movies. Who knows though. I think the real point is that I'd really like to see the movie before I know whether it's any good.


towels are a must

You'd think a huge sci-fi fan like yourself wouldn't let being out of town get in the way of seeing a movie. I'm actually surprised you aren't camped out for it!
It's opening tomorrow at my theater and all day yesterday and today I've seen a lot of people who look like they don't generally leave their home or office to any kind of social gathering.. And they're all buying about 10 tickets each!