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retail core goes dance crazy

(more dancebattle [flickr])
Downtown after work, I wandered into the Streetbeat vs. Fankick! monster dance battle. There were an amazing number of people at Westlake Center, standing on large urns and situated in trees to see which street dance team would be victorious. In the end, Streetbeat took the title.


They make Starlight Express look like Phantom of the Opera

How could they win?! Their outfits look like a special needs tribute to Pfc. Jessica Lynch. Those pasty sticks poking out of the camo hotpants should have gotten them both arrested.

Also, Fankick! had hot girls. HOT GIRLS! That are HOT! I don't care if they danced like a special needs tribute to Terri Schiavo, it couldn't be as bad as those hotpants. HOTPANTS ARE NOT HOT! Nor are they pants! Nor are they hot girls!

Seattle is destroying everything the classic street dancebattle has ever stood for.

Re: They make Starlight Express look like Phantom of the Opera

what can I say? seattle crowds love their dancing gays.
When did this happen? I went wandering through Westlake after work yesterday, but somehow managed to miss this little bit of entertainment. Bummer!
It started at 7:30.
i love that the stranger commanded this event happen. love it!
they're pretty powerful. In the pictures of the dancing girls, I think you might be able to see Dan Savage with a front row seat.
i think the only time i've seen dan savage was at the skipping towards gmorrah reading (we went together, didn't we?) when he was dying of menangitis and had that icky needle in his arm.

though that doesn't look like him in the photo. but you were there.