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things that happened to me | sunday

Lots of chores around the house followed by a trip to the IMA. On the way, I passed a huge group of people with service dogs in training hanging out by the husky statue. It was complete puppy cuteness overload. [flickr]

That night, Jeff and I went to the Pindeldyboz reading event thing at the Rendezvous Jewel Box theater, which turns out to be a really cute little venue. It was kind of surprising to find a quaint dinner theater setup inside that bar. I had no idea.

Anyway, the readings were funny and/or entertaining. The final number was a pretty fantastic Phil Collins cover operetta with Whitney Pastorek on guitar and Sarah Balcomb. After the reading events, Great Guy [nwdeathshow] took the stage with a collection of humorous songs and haiku poetry.

When the show was over, we hung out with the pboz crew and entourage. Eventually, we migrated up to Linda's for more drinking and Mama's for slices. Apparently, Linda's is the place to be for out of town guests? Anyway, the next stop was the Cha Cha Lounge, because obviously what night is complete without painted velvet and red lights? It made sense at the time, probably because Jeff kept buying everyone (too many) drinks.

On the way out, Ben from the Lashes called out to remind me that they were playing on Friday at Neumo's. It was a little weird that he knew my name. Unfortunately, I'll be in D.C. that night.

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