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foer + awesome

Jonathan Safran Foer taking questions from "Awesome" after reading the first chapter of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close tonight at Chop Suey.

Hearing him read the book aloud really magnified the humor of all of the funny little nine-year-old linguistic elements as well as the heartbreakingly sad moments that punctuate the story. The question and answer period, led by Christopher Frizelle, was actually really interesting, too. He talked a little bit about the Everything is Illuminated movie, the novel as airplane, how a draft might change wars, simultaneous contradictory beliefs about novels, how Dolly Parton is good writing prep music, why he doesn't do research to write fiction, and how extremes are often more connecting than dividing. Among other things.

Naturally, Awesome was awesome and Charles D'Ambrosio's essay was pretty good, too. I want to look it up to find out what happened.


Oh man, I shoulda gone! I really want to hear him say "What the?"
All of the Oskar Schell catchphrases were represented, including classics like "Jose" and "Succotash my Balzac dipshiitake."
pretty much.

(he said something about how on his first book tour Jewish grandmothers would show up and try to set him up with their grand-daughters, but now he's getting more of the granddaughters at readings.)

the weird thing about book tours is observing the type of celebrity that an author attains. I mean, you go there thinking about how fun it would be to be b.f.f. with the author, but really when it comes time to have the book signed, waht can you say that doesn't enhance the awkwardness of the situation?
remember that time i saw ben gibbard (at the last dismemberment plan show?) at graceland and wanted to talk to him, but had no idea what to say? when it comes down to it, celebrities are just strangers.

since i generally don't talk to strangers, i don't have a lot to say to celebrities.
I think that the trick is to become a celebrity yourself. This will make the conversations with celebrities much easier.
Forget the granddaughters! Really, though, this was one of the most painful/funny/painful books I've ever read. I'm breathless even now, having finished it yesterday. I couldn't read it/couldn't stop reading it.

Maybe Brooklyn is the new Manhattan--viz. JSF and Jonathan Lethem (Motherless Brooklyn, The Fortress of Solitude).
I stayed up late last night finishing it, too. I kept wanting to leave more to read later, but couldn't stop.


I'm a little nervous the movie is going to suck. Do we trust Liev Schreiber? Did he say anything about that?

Re: movie

He said that he'd only seen 10 seconds of the film and that he'd visited the set once.

He said that he didn't think that he looked like Elijah Wood. Still, if I were him I'd be kind of concerned about the "Jonathan Safran Foer" character being played by a guy best known as a hobbit and a really freaky cannibal.

Re: movie

I've seen some stills and Elijah Wood definitely doesn't look like him or what I imagined his fictional counterpart to look like. I pictured someone like Jason Schwartzman or something.....

Re: movie

It looks like the film version of "Jonathan Safran Foer" will have slicker hair and bigger glasses than thae real life Jonathan Safran Foer. Because, obviously, writers in the movies need to look especially awkward.

I guess the trick is that the guy in the book was not necessarily the author; so there's a bit of creative license there, too.

Re: movie

at least he has been cleansed of his frodo-ness by sin city.

Re: movie

oh no.

this isn't how i pictured it at all. this is all wrong. :-(

Re: movie

right. this is what I meant by bigger glasses and slicker hair. no good at all.

I think that Elijah Wood looks more like J.S.F. when he's out of costume (i.e., in regular clothes).

Re: movie

exactly! I didn't imagine JFS exactly but slick hair and glasses aside, E.W. still looks too much like a gentile....

Re: movie

I'm not sure I'd use the word "cleanse" to describe the change in his image resulting from Sin City.


Firstly: I'm quite jealous, but you already knew that.

Secondly: Elijah Wood is not to be trusted, not even a little, but I guess you knew that as well. Even so, I can see how he could do a good job playing JSF even if he wouldn't be my first (or second or whatever) choice.

Thirdly: Nothing, it just felt like I needed a third thing.