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i am not a stuffed tiger.

incredibly close?

hey there -- is anyone going to see Jonathan Safran Foer tomorrow? He'll be at Hugo House (4 pm) and at Chop Suey (8 pm).

I sort of want to go to both events, but maybe I'll only go to the evening one. After all, Awesome will be there.


I'd like to go to the awesome one but I probably won't since I have a class that evening which gets out at 9.
skip class! or leave early.
What's next? You're going to get me try smoking or drinking?
everyone's doing it. they'll be smoking and drinking at a book reading event. does it get any edgier than that?
I'm gonna have to pass. Too much immoral behavior for one night.
is it going to start exactly at 8 pm or is there something before hand? i'd love to go to the chop suey but i get off work at 8.

I don't know. It's "an evening with ... " so I'm not sure about the agenda.

i wish!

Hmm, if I leave for the airport at my morning break, I can be there by 2:10. Plus. It's only $875, so that's not so bad, right?

Re: i wish!

sounds like a great bargain -- I haven't heard from you yet so I'll just assume that your flight was slightly delayed.

Re: i wish!

Yeah, just slightly...you'd think when you pay that much for a ticket that they could get you there on time!

Have fun.
We actually talked about going but already made plans for the Harvey Danger show and I don't get off work til 4!
at least it's unanimous. everyone is too busy to go.
i hope you're going to go even if no one goes with you. JSF is the best!

if you do go, i would like a souvenire.
what sort of souvenir?
any sort of souvenir commemorating the event.