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sighs of relief?

I wonder how long it will take for someone to do a study about the psychological impact of today's report that being modestly overweight might be good for longevity [jama]? Just think about all of the overweight people going to sleep assuming that their extra weight is marking them for an early death waking up to find that it's the underweight people who might need to watch out for the Reaper!

Conversely, I wonder if these findings will induce the thin to eat more? All of this and a new nutritional pyramid [nyt] on the same day! What a day for science.

[n.b. I haven't actually read all of the JAMA article]


maybe it's the happy factor
I would've thought that the overweight people wouldn't have been happy about their weight. But who knows, perhaps we're moving to a new paradigm for body image standards?
Maybe they work out harder to try to lose weight and they try to maintain their weight by eating healthy, and thus, are healthier.

fatty? anorexic?

you just can't win. ever.

Re: fatty? anorexic?

it certainly seems that way. it's no wonder that people don't take public health recommendations particularly seriously.

although, this study suggests that being normal weight and overweight are the same in terms of risk of death. The part about underweight people being at higher risk isn't particularly new, but everyone just attributed it to sick old people losing weight due to illness.
per my bmi, i am going to die young.
it's never too early to fatten up! soon there will be weight gain informercials! the new overweight revolution!