josh (joshc) wrote,

saturday night life

I met up with Rhiannon and Barbara (her mom) at Bacchus. Also in attendance were Barbara's friends from her days in Boston, Lauren and (the) Claw. [intentionally misspelled]. We had an early dinner with the grandparent crowd so that we'd have time to line up for the Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill at the Varsity. And there was a huge line, which was sort of surprising, given that it's a low budget documentary about birds in San Francisco.

After the movie, we had dessert at the Klaw's pad and chatted about the glory days at B.U. Rhiannon and I decided that we still had a bit of energy after dessert hour; so we went to hang out at Linda's for a while. Because when people in town, I think "faux western bar." At least the people watching made it a Sightseeing Experience. Along with the people featured in yesterday's photo post, there were at least a few local rock personalities in attendance.
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