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saturday night life

I met up with Rhiannon and Barbara (her mom) at Bacchus. Also in attendance were Barbara's friends from her days in Boston, Lauren and (the) Claw. [intentionally misspelled]. We had an early dinner with the grandparent crowd so that we'd have time to line up for the Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill at the Varsity. And there was a huge line, which was sort of surprising, given that it's a low budget documentary about birds in San Francisco.

After the movie, we had dessert at the Klaw's pad and chatted about the glory days at B.U. Rhiannon and I decided that we still had a bit of energy after dessert hour; so we went to hang out at Linda's for a while. Because when people in town, I think "faux western bar." At least the people watching made it a Sightseeing Experience. Along with the people featured in yesterday's photo post, there were at least a few local rock personalities in attendance.


Actually, I saw Roper and...(what's the new guys' name?) review Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. They said that its becoming quite the buzz in the select places that its been shown and they won't be suprised if this sleeper film turns out to be an underground hit.

Did you like it?
Ebert is the original, Roeper is the replacement for Siskel.

I did like it. It was a pretty interesting story.