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following the claw | sunday in the park

Rhiannon was looking to avoid hearing her mom re-tell stories about skunk rabies. Since I didn't have any skunk related stories, we decided to meet for brunch at B & O, where we opted for traditional (vs. those featuring eggs poached in marinara or accompanied by legumes) breakfast foods.

As we walked back downtown to meet Barbara and the Klaw, we noticed that the weather was less than warm. Our amateur meteorological assessment convinced us that it might better to avoid the scheduled outdoor activity: a visit to the Ballard Locks. Despite the neatness of the locks, staying warm seemed like more of a priority; we we split off and made our way to Seattle Center. Here, we half-expected to see about going to the EMP Pop Music Conference, but upon arrival we found it had concluded.

Obviously, this meant that it was time to go to the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame. While neither of us are huge Sci-Fi fans, we were perfectly capable of spending $13 to pretend. Rhiannon played the role of a 60+ year old man who was really into weapons. We followed claw marks around to look at all of the exhibits, many of which featured books wrapped in plastic behind glass. Other highlights were robots, space ship videos, and scary masks.

With this major tourist attraction out of the way we walked around Seattle Center, which was filled lots of children and one napping man waiting for Star Wars. Some children were doing gymnastics. Others were riding a train. Some ran into the fountain with umbrellas. At least one was screaming in regular bird-like intervals.

Even though the clouds were clearing, it was still cold and we continued with the indoor activity planning. The result of this planning was a decision to see Sin City at the Cinerama because there wasn't anything else that we were desperate to see and because the Cinerama could vaguely count as a Tourist Destination. The major problem of this plan of action was that we had an awkward span of time to kill (not long enough to do anything substantial, but too long for the activities on our agenda). We faced this problem by going to the drugstore for empowering snacks, eating (early) dinner at Jai Thai, hanging in the restaurant to write postcards, and going to the theater very early.

The people in front of us at the Cinerama were on a man date, but they were so into leaning in to talk to each other that leaving a seat between them was almost counterproductive, intimacy wise. The movie itself was pretty great looking. Elijah Wood has completely erased any residual Frodo charm with his creepiness in Sin City.

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