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chair, apartment

the on-time post | monday

Half day at the office with a couple of meetings followed by techfee, swimming, reading on the IMA lawn and at solstice, and then pub quiz at the Irish Emigrant. Thanks to Rhiannon's superior knowledge (especially of black and white pictures of famous people) we ended up just one point away from winning. If only we'd known that Colt Seaver was better known as the Fall Guy, we'd have won the BINGO and the whole contest.

After the quiz, Jeff gave all of us a ride home, allowing for a context-added driving tour of the city. I really need to work on my ability to add context when people visit; so this was a good educational experience for me, too.


Jason used to love the Fall Guy, to the point of having a Fall Guy lunch-box, and even he didn't know who Colt Seaver was. So it was clearly just a stupid question.

I'm glad my ridiculous knowledge of celebrity faces was helpful, even if it wasn't quite helpful enough. It was a lot of fun though, and if only I could telecommute then I'd be more than happy to help out again!
if Jason didn't know about the Fall Guy then I feel much better about not winning. If a lunchbox carrying fan wouldn't have helped us, then I don't know who could have.


I guess you can include your pub quiz ability as another incentive to move to the great northwest!
Only the Fall Guy himself, probably. And maybe even he wouldn't remember that was his name!

If it were up to me alone and I could stop thinking about the practical side of things, I would have been looking for an apartment this weekend.
you can block out some apartment hunting time out for the July trip!
Genius! And since you're so smart, why don't you find me a job? Thanks!

I guess if there are no engineering jobs available I could always try to find something at the Science Fiction Museum...
I think you have the wrong attitude -- if there aren't any jobs available at the SFM&HoF, you can always find something in engineering!
You're totally right. Maybe I could give tours or something? Or I could dress up in the Predator costume and scare little kids. Or! I could make use of my love of weapons and put on a sci-fi weapons demonstration. And if it costs $13 to get in then they must pay their employees pretty well! This just might be the perfect fit for me.

And if I couldn't find an apartment right away then I could just sleep outside on a sofa, since clearly that's not a problem there.