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chair, apartment

wild geese

After a full day of hard work at the epidemiology factory, it was time for the odd friday happy hour series to make its way to Chapel, conveniently located within stumbling distance of my office. When we arrived, it wasn't crowded but all of the patrons were dispersed in a way that did not maximize the space. As other people from our group arrived, we were filled an irregular corner in non-optimal formations. However, as the night progressed and more "martinis" arrived, we were able to pounce as other parties departed.

Going to Chapel always seems to make me feel like it's o.k. to drink several fruity cocktails. Perhaps this is the basis of the "martini" trend. That is, make drinks seem more serious than they actually are and people will drink lots of them? A second observation: every time I've been to the bar, someone comments on the quality of the wallpaper.


Eventually, though, the drinking came to an end so that I could lead out-of-town visitors Rhiannon and Barbara on a haphazard tour of Capitol Hill Restaurants that Were Too Busy to Give Us A Table. It was really kind of ridiculous and I don't know why I didn't expect it to be difficult to find a place to eat at 8:30 on Friday night.

Two places (Chez Gaudy and 611 Supreme) had long waits to be seated; so we tried going to the Moroccan place that took over the space that was once -ing. They had room for us, but they wanted to force us to each eat a five course meal. I guess it was meant to be part of the Authentic Experience, but we weren't really that into eating too much pricey food; so we walked around the corner and ate at Six Arms. of course, they didn't have a table for us either, but there was room in the corner at the window bar. After all of our fruitless wandering in the rain, we were happy to take it (or afraid to try any other places!).


When I got home, Charlie Rose didn't cause me to pass out; so I decided to walk over to Neumo's to catch the Album Leaf. I really like In a Safe Place, but I wasn't expecting a whole lot from the live show given that the music basically post-rock electronic soundtrackica. Still, liked it -- maybe because Neumo's has better speakers and visualizations than I do, but also because it was neat to see the music coming from people and instruments rather than a laptop. [not that there's anything wrong with this]

I don't know if the Album Leaf falls into the IDM category, or if people actually are supposed to dance to IDM, but there were a couple of girls at the show who seemed to have a routine for every track, proving further proof for the Law of Excessive Dancers at Every Show.


The Law of Excessive Dancers at Every Show?
The name could use a little work, but the basic idea of the LoEDaES is that regardless of the type of music, the quality of the performance, the appropriateness of dancing given the rest of the crowd, there will always be a minimum number of people in attendance who will be dancing.

The people who satisfy the LoEDaES will typically take up at least 3X the floor space of the majority of spectators. They will often have excessive movements and in more crowded venues will seriously encroach upon other people's personal space.
and i'm jealous you saw the album leaf!
I'm pretty glad that I decided to go.