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drinking in the dark

informational bulletin

A few recent observations that have annoyed/saddened me regarding modern life.
  • people running to catch elevators
  • the upturned collar comeback
  • writing "few" when I really meant "two"
I admit that these minor complaints pale in comparison to the legitimate rants listed in payforthepiano's post [lj]


In other news, my plan to turn a June meeting in Leiden into something of a EuroTrip is likely to cause me to have a nervous breakdown. Or not.


There's this one negative lady that has been annoying me lately. She's on my commute to clinicals. Everything else that has ever annoyed me pales in comparison to this negative lady... and have you ever seen Brain Candy? She looks AND sounds almost exactly like the first lady who took the pill and got stuck in her happy place... AND she is ALWAYS talking, really loudly, and being all negative about the ferry system or whatever.
things i don't like:
- ponchos (though my friend has been wearing one, and it looks cute on her)
- carrying a louis vuitton purse around school (esp. if also carrying a backpack)
- wearing uggs (so over)
- getting on the subway and standing right in the door
- drunk people

ther'es more. where is the death ray when you really need it?
the ray of death never seems to be in the appropriate hands.

what I wonder most about the Ray of Death, is whether it would inspire better behavior.
you'd think it might function something like the panopticon. the only problem, then, would be promulgating regulations (slash, do's and don'ts). things change, too. only a few weeks ago i was adamently opposed to shorts but then i went out and bought some at old navy. who'd have thought?
the bermuda's with knee socks plan?

maybe the Ray of Death would also need a Megaphone of Warning. People could have one day to modify their practices to suit the current standards.