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I-5 halted

the view from my office, adding a little excitement to an otherwise slow tuesday.

at last, the people with freeway views have the advantage.


yeah. WSDOT says it's a tanker spill.

If you reload that metblogs page, I added another picture from WSDOT. They also have video of people walking around and looking at the highway. It's all very thrilling.
Is that I-5? Because on my way home from work there was a horrible accident on the 405 headed southbound. It was awful, the guardrails on both sides of the 405 were demolished and I saw the car that was completely smashed. This was about 3 or so...and what was worse...was that it was on the other side of the freeway from me and yet we weren't moving either!
yep. it is a picture of I-5 halted by a tanker spill.

while looking for WSDOT pics, I saw something about an accident on 405, too.