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After Ethiopian dinner, Rachel, Carolyn, and I saw "Hellhound on My Trail." I'd read the play by Denis Johnson when it was originally published in McSweeney's #4, but I'd mostly forgotten about it. Still, I think that I enjoyed reading the play more than watching it. This is really no fault of the production, but more a preference for not watching a couple straight hours of dialog.

I really don't know. I was sold on the first two acts, but was kind of exhausted by the time the third (and possibly most absurd act) rolled along. And I think I liked it better than my companions.

Also: I left work a little early to get to the new American Apparel store before the student discount expired and found a pretty good lightweight hoody (a minor victory for rationalism, since I liked the lined ones better but knew that I didn't need one with the impending warmer weather)


I washed all of my accumulated dishes and laundry and finally got around to reading the David Foster Wallace article in the Atlantic [#]. The one with the multi-colored sidenotes. It wasn't until about halfway through that I found out that it wasn't fiction. Yes, Virginia, there really is a John Ziegler. Yet, learning that it's about a real radio host hasn't motivated me to try to hear the show.


Rachel and I went to the architecture dance party at the Northwest Film Forum, and although there wasn't any dancing, the Mount Eerie performance(s) were pretty darn good. Phil mostly played songs from the upcoming No Flashlight project. After each of the often abruptly ending songs, he did a little curtsey to indicate that the song was over. It was pretty endearing.

The architecture part was less thrilling, but still vaguely interesting. I thought that it was going to be about architecture of the pacific northwest, but it was really about architecture for the pacific northwest. The main consequence of the change in prepositions was that the lecture was mostly a catalog of kind of crazy ideas generally unrelated to the region. The words Cascadia and neoliberalism were frequently used. Also, the assertion that the Netherlands is part of Greater Astoria was mentioned on several occasions.

After the show was over, I asked Phil about one of the comics in fancypeople2005 and found out that he didn't mind that I was putting them on the internet. Not only did he not hate it, he said that he looked at them, and thanked me for doing it, which was a big relief.

We skipped the beer and pizza to meet Carole and Atri for dinner in the U-District. We went to Thai 65, the faux-fanciest Thai place on the Ave. Although the food was fine, It seems to exist for the sole purpose of testing the neighborhood's ability to sustain yet another Thai restaurant.

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