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i am not a stuffed tiger.

more stupid observations

How great is it to re-watch the Law and Order episode based on the "Gov. McGreevy is a GayAmerican" story ("Gov Love," 2004) with the added context that Serena is a lesbian?


Her last scene on the series was so weird and unexpected. At least we, the home audience, get something out of it in re-runs.
It's all starting to make sense now. We never saw her with anyone throughout her run, so you're right, the re-runs will be more fun.
Whoa what, Serena is a lesbian?
yeah. her last scene on the series was something like this:

[setting: wood paneled DA's office]
Senator Fred Thompson: BTW Serena, you're fired
Previously Closeted Lesbian Assistant Assistant DA Serena: WTF? [pause] Is it because I'm a lesbian?

SFT: Of course not. [unaired voiceover: wtf?]
Serena: Good. [implied: otherwise I would've slept with Sam Waterston to keep my job like the others]
[fade to black]