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the only earth?


americawestandasone.com & especially americawestandasone.com/video.html

Poll #468962 america



really. you need to see the video. but be warned: once you see it, you might not be able to stop watching.


Ha! Other: 1 (100%). I win!
I think that everyone else has become paralyzed by the majesty of that video.
at first i was reading the url as america west and as one

and i was really confused.
I misread it, too.

Though I read it was "americawest and alone"
you read the "about" page right?

i was guessing either new jersey or long island.
it is just too much: pole-vaulting guitar players becomes a stunt coordinator who becomes inspired to make sure that we "carry on" through the power of his music. This video is dangerous.

Yet, I want to start burning it to CDs to leave around town.
I would say it is intended to come across as sincere, but the large amounts of self promotion on the site and in the video leads me to think the "artist" has other, more personal motives.
dude. 100% of your donations go to the heroes who are still with us in the usual way.

carry on

Wonder bread patriotism + east coast republican + Journey + awesome Adobe Premiere talent = BONUS!

Re: carry on

yeah. there were some pretty qualified people producing this video. (did you see the credits on the video order page?)

I feel so much better knowing that they're with us in a different way.