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the multiday catchup post trend continues here

Friday was "meet the prospective students day" and happy hour was at Finn MacCool's. We chose this venue because it would be easy to get a lot of tables without too much effort, and they were pretty nice to us last year for the same event. Many accepted students who were agonizing over whether to come here or go to Harvard, which made me realize how naive I was in applying to schools. I looked at a list of good programs and picked the west coast schools, but it worked out pretty well.

After hours of happiness, some of us adjourned to Fremont for Thai food. Jai Thai was packed; so we went across the street to relatively-empty Tawon Thai. I wonder how they feel about being the overflow Thai restaurant. The food was pretty decent, and it was probably nicer to be somewhere that wasn't crowded.


On Saturday I watched the basketball, took a nap on the couch, and tried to drown my sorrows in Law & Order. This pretty much failed when I realized that I'd already seen both episodes playing on different networks. By that time, I'd apparently already missed the Stars show, which turned out to possibly be early and all ages.


Sunday was the last day to get the R.E.I. 20% member discount; so I went there to look at backpacks. I have a meeting in Leiden this summer; so I'm thinking about turning it into a little EuroTrip and I don't really have a suitably large backpack. Anyway, this was a popular choice of last-minute spending among shoppers and there was quite a mob scene at the backpack section. There was even a waiting list to be fitted!

After trying on a bunch, I ended up finding one that was pretty comfortable, not completely ugly, and not exceedingly expensive. The pressure of the sale and the presence of my dividend check convinced me to buy with the theoretical idea of shopping more later.


Today I went to the office, had a techfee meeting, went swimming at the IMA, did a little work at Solstice, and pub quizzed at the Irish Emigrant. During the quiz, I watched Illinois lose to UNC. I was surprised to be a little sad about this when the final seconds ticked away. I guess the Illinois/Big Ten fans cheering for MSU during the semi-final game sort of endeared me toward their team.

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