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drinking in the dark

from the annals of self-contradicting sentences

L.A.K.S. on Saturday night in East Lansing:
"There was a vast difference between last night (Saturday) and 1999," Simon said. "It would be inappropriate to refer to those in the same breath." [statenews]
I used to make fun of the State News, but articles like this convince me of their quiet genius.


i'm just so proud to be a spartan

Broken beer bottles, horse manure and puddles of vomit marred the streets of the Cedar Village area as Lee June, vice president for Student Affairs and Services, was teargassed along with thousands of students. June, who attended the riots of 1999 and 2003, said he considers it another part of his job to accompany the students.

I love the use of "attended", as if the previous riots were parties that people were invited to and mulled over whether to attend or not.

nostalgia drills

I don't read the SNews very often, but that article was a gem from start to finish.

Re: nostalgia drills

I agree, that was definitely a step above the usual. They were clearly having more fun than they should while writing that article!